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"First said, overall, I was impressed with the course and the school. The staff is professional and courteous. Your desire to improve your course was made evident with your frequent requests for feedback " Richard Romero (April 13-17, 2009)

"APT hands down out of 22 colleges and universities world wide for our simple approach to teaching fundamentals of electric power systems. APT developed the course and it is now available worldwide to IEEE meetings, conferences and conventions " John D. McDonald, P.E. - IEEE PES President-Elect

"the crew that attended the class started a 138kV transmission project that had an accident that resulted in a major outage. The entire crew followed APT's training procedures " Andy Cooper - Safety & Training Program Leader, Transmission Services Lower Colorado River Authority, Austin, TX

"APT was able to take complicated, technical material and present it at various levels for the audience without going over their heads or insulting the level of knowledge that some participants already possess ... " Al Kacere - Manager, Technical Training and Certification, Alliant Utilities

" detail many of the technologies in use today, as well as the various tradeoffs associated with the way the power system is designed and operated " Bill Williams - Todays Engineer, IEEE

"…thank you and your group for their hard work and professionalism… This is the best money the company has ever spent… " Daniel J. Nelson - Supervisor Safety Services, Texas New Mexico Power Company

"We have had nothing but praises from our employees for the APT classes they have attended. We feel that we found the "Training Guru" when we found APT " Movita Hutson - Training Coordinator, Salt River Project

"I would like to express my appreciation for the services rendered at the Fiber Optic Communications and Installer Training.... The comments of the technicians after completing the training were very positive " Carlitos Flores - Senior Fire Alarm Technician

"Thank you for your recent presentation to Verizon Engineers ... T&P/ICEP Seminar. Your presentation on Power Systems High Voltage Protection and Safety was extremely informative ... Much positive feedback was received from those in attendance ..." Percy E. Pool, P.E. - Lead Engineer Verizon, Dallas, TX